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Ortus Technologies Full HD 4.8-inch display makes Retina Display look low-res


There’s plenty of argument over what distance you should be sitting from an HDTV in order to make the most of Full HD resolution, so we can only imagine the heated debate over Ortus Technology‘s new Full HD MID-scale panel. The 4.8-inch display runs at 1920 x 1080 resolution for a whopping 458 pixels per inch; in contrast, Apple’s lauded Retina Display manages a “mere” 326 ppi.

There’s no information on the company’s site about the new panel at present, but it’s believed to have viewing angles of 160-degrees and be constructed using Ortus’ proprietary HAST manufacturing system. That uses a combination of low-resistence wiring, super-narrow bonding and better quality optics to reduce the distance between individual pixels as well as to increase aperture for better brightness (or, conversely, allow for normal screen brightness with 30-percent lower backlighting requirements).
HAST has allowed Ortus – which is a collaboration between Casio and Toppan Printing – to produce a 546ppi display, though it runs at 960 x 540 rather than the Full HD of the newest panel. The company is also planning 6.5-inch 960 x 540 OLED displays running with a TFT substrate.

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