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Nokia C7 starts shipping ’round the globe


Mere days behind the mighty N8, the second Symbian^3 device to hit the market is now… well, hitting the market: the svelte C7. Though it lacks the N8’s powerhouse 12-megapixel cam with mechanical shutter and xenon flash, the C7’s still got 8 megapixels’ worth of photon catchers paired up with dual LED illumination — likely more than good enough for most users — along with that sweet 3.5-inch nHD “ClearBlack” AMOLED display featuring insane, mind-bending contrast ratios. Nokia’s official PR (which you’ll find after the break) doesn’t mention which markets will be first to take delivery of the shipments, but regardless of where you may be, expect to pay somewhere around Nokia’s suggested list price of €335 ($468) before subsidy — €35 less than the N8’s €370 ($517).

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