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Nintendo: 65.3m Wiimotes in the US, just in case you were curious


We never had Nintendo down as stat-addicted number fanciers, but the company’s latest press release is all about how many Wii gamers could motion at their consoles at the same time. According to Nintendo’s figures, more than 65.3m Wii Remotes have found their way into the wilds of the US market, with an average of 46,000 sold daily. Since it’s hard to visualize that many Wiimotes, Nintendo helpfully tells us “that’s enough for every man, woman and child living in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Detroit and San Francisco, and enough still remains for every resident of Florida, Ohio, Virginia and North Dakota.”

Most have been sold as part of a Wii bundle and with the Wii Play; when bought separately, white is the most popular color (18.56m) with black trailing a long way behind (2.44m). There are also 52.9m Nunchuck controllers out there too. Is this any use beyond Nintendo getting the Wii into headlines ahead of the holiday shopping season? Of course not, but we love stats just as much as they do.

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