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My story happened about a month before. I am writing this story on behalf of Nasreen. She is my chachee. My name is Nasreen. I am 39 now & even now, I’m considered to be attractive and have always taken good care of myself. I’m proud to say most men find my pretty face attractive, but my large breasts (38d), bit fatty stomach, and especially my firm bottom and muscular thighs get the most attention, although I have to admit I’ve never really dressed to show them off. I’m not really old fashion but I normally used to be in the traditional saree’s. My husband is a successful businessman so it hasn’t really been necessary for me to work. He earns a lot so he has insisted that I will take care of the house. We have 3 daughters. One is in the university level and other two in the school.
It was that time only, I happened to meet Addy after his marriage. He is distant relative of my husband. He is married with a sexy look. He might be around 29, highly energetic & masculine. He is a good looking person with good body and very charming face. He is very talkative by nature and cue some good jokes on the different topics. I was very much impressed with his personality.
As the time passed, his visit to our house became very regular. He started to visit atleast once a week on weekend and used to stay the whole day with us. He got so much intimate with my family, that every one, even my husband started to like him more than before . Everyday, once my children went off and husband to the office, I would have a many hours alone at home. Now I had the company of Addy. He used to come so frequently at that time. Addy was always good to have around, helping me and keeping up some conversation. I seemed to be comfortable in talking with him & often Addy used to mention that I had a good and warm voice. I seemed inquisitive and asked him about his daily routines, his time-passes & other details. This sort of conversation went on regularly for about a month, as almost once in two days, he used to come and apparently his sense of humor and frankness excited me. We used to have a wonderful conversation and he told me that he wanted to have a lady elder to him, as his girlfriend. I was surprised at his statement and I said that I too wanted a young man like him as my campanian, to share my desires & to make life more relaxed. And it became routine, for me to have Addy at my house & I felt I miss him a lot at his absense.
It was after some days that I noticed that, while alone, Addy started paying more than usual attention to my breasts. Being used to living alone, I was a little careless about my dress at home and on more than a few occasions, I found him peeping and staring at them. At first I thought, it must be only my imagination but when I observed and confirmed it, it excited me too in a strange way. In order to make sure that it was so, I sometimes intentionally let the pallu of my saree fall off while I bend to give him coffee or some cold drinks, so that he would have a good view. Invariably, his eyes would drop off and get fixed on them. I noticed that even while talking to me, his eyes made a regular stares on my succulent breasts. When he noticed me observing him staring like that, he would be embarrassed and then try not to look again. But again after some time, his eyes would repeatedly return to my boobs. After all, he is also a sex-starved young man, I thought and did not give it much thought. But since I fail to curtail those acts, it further encouraged him. Addy became bold enough to give me that lustful look all the time when he was around with me… but I used to ignore his looks but still he would look longingly at my body and give me that “I want you looks”. Addy is only 10 years younger to me. He is fit, and shapely, not bad at all, he is about 5,7’’ tall, sexy, muscular, fair, has dark hair, and small little eyes….the first time I lay my eyes at him, I saw a deep lust and desire in his eyes for me, on many occasions I found him staring lustily at my tits…. Addy’s eyes were sending me those “I want you” messages for some time now, I was fully aware of the fact that my presence affect his cock tremendously that he is dying to fuck me, and that his dick gets erected each time I was in close proximity with him and he had eyes only for me, I saw his cock getting erected on many times when we were alone and how he tried to cover it with embarrassment. He would look admiringly at my body…..
I then realised that Addy had hots for me.. …. I didn’t give him much response, even though I cannot completely ignore him. The reason being, though my sex life is good, but as far as my view point is concern, I am not fully happy as my husband takes sex as a routine process. As my husband is in to the business of indenting he frequently travels in and around Bangladesh & abroad also. Because of that, the frequency of we both involving in sex had got reduced now-a-days. He is very rigid in his thinking and he is also very shy kind of person. He won’t find sex as a pleasure of life and one has to enjoy it. He always do some kissing and then get roused and then he fucks me without doing any foreplay. When he discharged, he just go to bed. So I want some thing new in this routine life. I had lot of reading on Oral Sex and Anal sex and other aspect of different sex positions and other stuff like that. But due to our family and my husband, I was very much shy to talk about it with my hubby. I was always very much intrested on oral sex but he don’t like it. Even I wanted to know some of the technique of self pleasure also. Any way, my sex life since my marriage, all these years, was without much excitement. But then, since Addy’s entry into my life, I find more thrilled deep in my heart, about his acts. But the fact that I am a married woman in a respectable family, has always prevented me from succumbing into his pressure. Finally I decided to make an end to this debacle. I don’t want to continue still further, with lots of confusions & hesitations in my mind. So I asked Addy to come the next day, as my husband would be away on a business trip & my children were already had gone to my sister’s place for vacation. I told him that I needed to talk an important matter to him.
That day was a Thrusday, 10th May. I asked Addy to come at around 11:00 in the morning. On that day, I wore a simple light blue shifon saree with matching blouse. I wore one bangle, simple ear rings. I have decided to appeal more sexier before Addy. I ensured that our presence should be more private & alone. So, I had even send away the servant maid that day. Addy came exactly at the time mentioned. He was wearing jeans and a shirt. We sat and made some polite conversation where we recounted some of the topics we had spoken about previously. But my body was wet to some extent, due to the sweating as well as due to the hesitation of how to start telling him. So I started asking him naughtily, “So, what do you think of me now?” Immediately Addy replied, “You’re more cute and sexxy than I saw you before.” I got little embarrassed with his answer. But I smiled and slowly held his hand. I said, “I like your frankness…. I always see you as my close friend.” I shook his hand and smiled. I thought this would be a better way to convey my thoughts. After a few seconds of silence, Addy told me, “Its a pleasure to have a nice beautiful aunty like you, as my best friend” he smiled and gazed at me in a naughty look. After this exchange, silence again reigned. But he began to sneak peeks at me, I saw with my fine peripheral vision. Finally the point was reached. Atleast now, I should make my point clear. So with a determined thought, I asked him straightly, ” Tell me- what do you want from me, why are you coming so often?” He didn’t except a direct question like this from me. He paused for a while & looked at me. So I again asked him, “Come-on Addy Don’t hesitate. You can come out frankly as no one is around. I need an honest answer from you…” I said. That sort of encouragement is enough for Addy. And before I could stop myself, I found him saying ” Nothing other than to be able to kiss u all over once..,You are a very beautiful and sexy woman and I think u should be loved the way you deserved, atleast once..”
I was shocked to hear this from Addy. My breast were heaving up and down and in shock, a very light “oooooooohhhhhh

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