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Google Introducing Bollywood Music Search Engine


With the number of users increasing for Bollywood Music, Google had to come up with something really interesting. And here it is, Google has just launched Google Music Search for Indian users, which is a part of search engine. Google Music Search will let you find the old and new hit songs and listen to them online legally. Google has partnered with many local Bollywood music services for this and the move is planned to help drive down piracy which sound like out of control in many developing countries.
According to Tarkeshwar T, Deepak L, Aravind M, Vinodh Kumar R (Software Engineers), Alok Goel (Product Manager) at Google –

Today, we’re starting a trial to help you search and explore music across thousands of Hindi Bollywood songs at Google Music Search (India) Labs ). You can find the latest Hindi songs, restrict your search to songs from 1980s, listen to songs sung by Kishore Kumar or Shreya Ghoshal or just all songs from the movie Buddha Mil Gaya.

The service might be aimed to Indian market, but the songs are available globally as Hindi Music is known to world. And its English interface will cut down all the barriers for non-Hindi users. Being a search engine, its strength is lies in locating the music you’re looking for, and is absolutely not designed for any online music streaming service. Google is doing something similar in China where it as well runs a music search engine. It also added a music search feature to which let users listen to song previews. And as an added advantage, the Google Music store and online locker service is yet coming this year.

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