Cricket Crosswave Jumps Into The Market

Cricket Crosswave MiFi from Huawei technologies, is available today for pre-order, and it looks like it’s time to give Verizon a little run for their money. This device looks pretty slick and offers wireless 3G internet for up to four devices, 3-hour usable battery life, and up to 32 GB removable memory slot.
crosswave introducing
Crosswave supports nearly all Wi-Fi devices including iPad, iTouch, and iPhone. So why pay $130 for the 3G iPad when you can get a Crosswave for $105?
The site claims that you can also send and receive text messages. This seems like a wasted feature if people most likely to buy this device are already carrying a laptop, iPad, or some type of mobile device. It feels like Huawei created this feature just to say they did. What do you think?

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